Request a rider with ease and manage payments, invoice and waybill in a place

Easily request a rider, with different option for rider (Car, bus, Truck or Bike) within your proximity. From book to payment all in one page.

Make payment with ease and secured

Add single or multiple credit / debit card with ease as a one-time process and secured. Bills are easily debited in through the default card.

Transparent pricing based on distance and time.

Pricing is transparent for all parties, the system calculates the pricing based on distance, time and vehicle type.

Manage all delivery from a single page, both pending, active and delivered

See and manage all deliveries in a single page, pending, active and delivered.

Why deliver with us

Access to Delivery
on Demand

From clear navigation options to cashless payments, the app is designed to help people get to the best of delivery service.

Transparent pricing to foster trust

Pricing on every delivery is calculated and estimated before a request is make or submited, to prepare the user on what to pay.

Efficient process and cost effective

Affordable and cost effective delivery system, using technology to maximize productive and foster trust across our clients.

Driver's signup

Do you own trucks, cars, buses or bikes? maximize your operations today

Getting the food you love delivered

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